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Mountain Oregano Complex 30ml

Oregano has secured it’s spot as one of the most globally popular remedies because, quite simply, it just works. People trust it’s strong anti-biotic abilities to quickly remedy infections, flu symptoms, and other nagging signs of poor health.

Even though oregano is so effective and is such a powerful natural remedy, many people are afraid to use it or just can’t tolerate it because of it’s strong taste and biting characteristics.

For the first time in history, there is now available an oregano oil complex which has even more powerful properties than standard oregano oil and is easily taken and palatable.

Mountain Oregano Complex has brought the legendary power of oregano to a never before experienced pinnacle of excellence. It is the only full spectrum oregano complex on the market.

Full spectrum, meaning, through careful and expert research of the best available ingredients and the interactions between them, we decided to combine the two most potent and complete oregano oils synergistically. Different oreganos have different bacteria-destroying abilities. Wild-crafted oregano (origanum vulgare: origin Spain & Greece) and certified organic oregano (origanum compactum benth.: origin Morocco) have been shown to be the 2 most effective and tolerable species.

Complex, meaning, with those two great oreganos as the base we add a very special species of thyme (thymus zygus) which has been shown to be a potentizer and synergistic complement to oregano oil. The addition of a cinnamon CO2 extract rounds out the flavor profile and further complements the overall effectiveness.

Also included are very small quantities of whole, non-refined complex sugars (polysaccharides) in the product, which are raw honey and raw coconut sap. These serve several purposes:

1. Sugar acts as a binder and carrier for the essential oils.

2. Sugar works as a homogenizer to keep everything together. The combination is a mix of dissimilar ingredients which do not naturally stay together. The sugars assist in this process.

3. Adds a touch of flavor to encourage compliance and enjoyment

4. As an adjunctive (assistant) because the body recognizes the sugar molecule. The body does not recognize an oregano molecule, rather it sees it as an antagonist. The sugar is like an escort.


When comparing oregano products, one of the major considerations is the ratio of oregano oil to the carrier oil. Mountain Oregano Complex is more than oregano. It is a complex blend of synergistic ingredients that compliment each other to dramatically increase the potency of the whole formula. Specifically, the addition of a very potent specie of thyme strengthens the effects of oregano and covers any gaps that oregano may have. This blend is a happy marriage of highly compatible ingredients which, together, are literally greater than the sum of the parts.

In fact, this new arrangement is actually more potent that even pure oregano oil because, 1) the thyme covers the gaps in oregano’s armament, and 2) very few people actually take undiluted oregano oil or even 1:1 or 1:3 ratio blends because it is so caustic and thus a shock to the system. Much like the remedies offered by 19th century eclectics, if the cure for the disease kills you (or burns and blisters your skin in this case), you’re better off looking for a different solution! Mountain Oregano Complex is that solution because it delivers everything that oregano is known to provide and more.


A disproportionate amount of attention has been given to the major active ingredient in oregano: carvacrol. While carvacrol is a crucial component of oregano oil, the true power of oregano (and every single plant for that matter) is the complete and harmonious interactions of all the plant constituents in the balance that nature provides.

Due to the attention Carvacrol has received and the short-sighted belief that “more is better”, we have seen products on the market boasting unrealistically high levels of Carvacrol. Manufacturers have found that by adding Carvacrol to the water during distillation that they can increase the Carvacrol percentage without it being detected in Gas Chromatography (GC) testing. Another method is to fractionate the oil by “boiling off” certain other chemical components of the oil to make the Carvacrol percentage higher. This adulterated or “standardized” oil is not nearly as effective for therapeutic application because the delicate synergy created by nature is thrown out of equilibrium because parts of the puzzle are missing.

In regards to carvacrol’s anti-biotic effects, lab testing done on the efficacy of pure Carvacrol for destroying pathogens has shown it to be half as effective as complete Oregano oil. The key to Oregano oil’s amazing power is the synergistic combination of naturally occurring chemicals in the ratio in which nature produced them.

If a manufacturer claims that an ‘extra strength’ product (typically 40-50% Oregano oil) is better by virtue of its strength, they are again mistaken and falling back on the “bigger is better” mentality. The body would rather deal with more of a correctly blended product than an extra strength product. The sunflower seed oil greatly aids the body to assimilate the Oregano oil. Pure Oregano essential oil is very caustic and unsafe for therapeutic use. Any knowledgeable herbalist will tell you that a small dosage of a given herb may have a healing effect where a larger dose of the same herb would have the opposite effect. More is not better!

The 2 types of oregano used in Mountain Oregano Complex naturally contain 72% carvacrol (originum vulgare), and 75% (originum compactum benth.).

Mountain Oregano Complex is the new face of oregano. Just tasting it is enough for anyone familiar with oregano to understand what we mean. The flavor is exquisite, the effectiveness is unsurpassed.

Ingredients (all wildcrafted/organic):
fresh cold-pressed extra virgin sunflower seed oil, thymus zygis, origanum vulgare, origanum compactum benth., cinnamon CO2 extract, ultra pure water, raw honey, raw coconut sap, premium grade xanthomonas